Saturday, August 8, 2009

GCN Waluigi Stadium Shortcut 2

Once again, go through the dirt with a mushroom.

GCN Waluigi Stadium Shortcut 1

Go through the dirt with a mushroom, pretty easy to do.

SNES Mario Circuit 3 Shortcut

Mushroom are really useful on this track. Cut the corner, then use the shortcut. If you only have one, cutting this corner saves more time than taking the shortcut does.

DS Peach Gardens Shortcut 2 and 3

Go mushrooms! This shortcut is pretty self-explanatory.

DS Peach Gardens Shortcut 1

Just cut through the grass with a mushroom, mega mushroom, star, or gold mushroom.

N64 Bowser Castle Shortcut 2

No mushroom required, just don't fall off. This one is pretty hard to take.

N64 Bowser Castle Shortcut 1

If you happen to have a mushroom when you get here, this shortcut saves you a lot of time, but you'll miss the item boxes.